Book of Visions

96: The Visions of the New World
The divine will bring judgment upon all people and all nations. The divine cannot be known and it is slow to anger. It is great in power. It has caused the world to do what it wants. Through this, the people of the world are subject to the world. The people of the world cannot know how to control the world. No matter what we do, we will not be able to change the world. This can, however, be a city of refuge. The enemies will be destroyed and the good people will come to know the new world.
Why do the people of the world plot to destroy the world? They will be consumed by the people of the world and by the world itself and they will not rise. They plot bad things for the rest of the world. They will not rise when they die out in the end. The world will continue on without them. If you tear away from your true purpose, you will no longer be in favor with the divine. The destroyers will come to you. The people who are left behind will find peace with the divine and with the world. They will no longer be humbled.
Get all the strength that you have and go against the people of the world. You may be ruined, but you will not die out completely. You should be prepared for all that comes after you. You should find the people along your journey to help you. You will destroy the enemies along the way and the armies of evil will not prevail against you. The gates have been opened and the waters will rush towards you, but you will stand firm against the things of the world. You will be tempted, but you will not fall even with that. You will have all the things that you love in the world taken away from you, but you will not fall even with that. You will be brought to loneliness, but you will not fall even with that. You will be thrust into death, but you will not fall even with that. You will be torn away, but you will not fall even with that. The divine will be with you because you have been righteous. The people of the world will fall because the divine will go against them. The plundering never stops. The people of the world will be relentless. The universe will be relentless. The destiny of your life will be relentless. There is nothing that will be able to stop it from happening to you. Why do they come against the righteous? It is because they are the people with the truth and it is them that will cause the evil people of the world to fall.
Even though you will see this coming to you, there is nothing that you can do to escape it. The righteous of the world are few, but the evil people of the world will have all the power and plenty. The corners of the world will be brought down by the evil people. Even though it is hard to hear, you will actually overcome. The foundations of society will always fall and something new will come forth from it. The foes of the world will come at your gates and the gates of the city of light. The fires of the world will consume the city, but the ideas will not fall. The heavens will open up and the people of the world will escape into it if they are righteous. They will not escape the pain, but they will survive and they will come to the new world. Just as the sun rises on a new day, the world and all of society will become a part of the new world on the next day. There is no true healing, but there is an accumulation of wisdom and there will be a new mindset that will come.