Book of the Wilderness

43: True and False Religion
These are the words that come from the prophet to the king in the town that was in the darkness of the wilderness of the world. All of the kings, princes, dukes, and knights of the world took heed to these words, but the words were not taken very seriously. The people of the world looked on in astonishment of the things that were to happen. These people wept and tried to make amends with the divine because they were afraid of the things that were predicted to come to them. These words were also sent to the priests of the false religions of the world, but most of them were cast aside. All of the things of the world were removed from the holy temple and the people of the world tried to pray and do rituals to the divine so that the plan of the divine would not be carried out on them. The kings cast away the prophet and the prophet was kidnapped and taken away from the city that was the wilderness, the city of darkness.
The message from the prophet to the people is as follows: The things that you do and the rituals that you perform so that you can try and prevent the divine plan is for nothing. You pray for the life of the kings and the people that rule over you, but that prayer will not be answered according to the divine plan. Show your grace to and pray for the divine to give you grace in the world so that you can come to see the light. Send your prayers to the people around you so that they, too, can see the light and come to the mindset of the heavens. The scrolls that constitute this plan will come to you on the feast day and you will have the ability to read from them. Justice will not come to you from the world, but will come to you through that divine plan and the grace of the divine. All of the rulers of the world will hear this and they will believe in it as well. You have all done wrong in the sight of the divine. You must beg for your mercy. Follow the plan that has been set forth from the beginning of time. The divine plan has been with you from the time of the beginning to now, but you made a choice to not follow in this path. Evil will come to you from the world and you will have to do your best to prevent the worst of the world from happening to you. We have to follow in our own path to the divine according to the plan that has been set forth before us.
This is a warning that has come to you from the judges of the earth, from the angels of the earth. This has been written into the law of the universe and it has been guided by the Christs that have come from all ages and all civilizations. They are the embodiment of that path. We are subject to the divine plan and we are all subject to that which is the universe. We are brought low and we are not raised high. We are no different from the people around us and we can do nothing to help us to understand that we are that way. We cannot elevate ourselves any higher than our fellow man. All of the evils of the world that have been predicted to come to pass have come to pass. We need to turn away from the evil and the lust that lay in our hearts. We did not do the things that were commanded of us, and now we have to face the wrath of the earth and we will have to suffer for it.

44: Retribution and Mercy
Come to the divine and the divine plan and then tell it what you have done on this earth to make a name for yourself. Is it good or is it bad? Nothing that you have done on the earth is good. All of the things that you have done on the earth are bad and will amount to nothing. Withdraw all of the anger that you direct towards the divine plan. You are getting mad at all the wrong things. You are getting mad at the one thing that can save you! Look to the things that you are mad at and it may turn out to save you. The whole world can come to this salvation if they do not get mad at the things that the people of the world normally get mad at. Open your eyes and see the things that you have been missing and the things that you have been mad at. It is something that you should not have to get mad at. If you continue to do so, you will die a death and you will not be remembered and you will not see the light. Look into your soul and you will see the soul of the divine in you.
Your ancestors have made a lot of sacrifices to get you to this place. You have sent back nothing but anger towards them. You look to the kings of the world and you look to the people who are famous and you idolize them over the people that have given birth to you. If you do not listen to this voice, you will be listening to the voice of those people who do not care about you. You will not live because you do not make the right choices in your life. You do not listen to the voice of the divine and the divine plan is something that has been around a lot longer than you. It will continue to be there after you have left. When you die and if you do not listen to this voice, you will be left with nothing to your name and nothing to your legacy.
Remember this as well, the divine is rich in mercy. If you have done wrong before, then you will be forgiven of all of it. This has also been set forth from the beginning and is one of the greatest principles of life. You will surely dwindle away if you do not listen to these words as well. If you do not listen to the words of the prophets and the Christs who try to save you, then you will have to listen to your heart. Your heart will guide you as long as you are accepting of a change of your heart. They will then listen to the words of the Christs and the prophets and they will remember their names. This is a promise that has been passed down to you from the ancestors going all the way back to the divine plan. The covenant will be the bind that brings all of it together. You shall have to remember the covenant and you shall have to follow the covenant all the days of your life.
Your spirit will cry out to the divine of the following things. Have mercy on the people who have done wrong in the world. We are in perishing forever, but the divine is living in us and around us forever. Listen to the deeds and pleas of the people who are trying to make amends with you. Do not remember the deeds of our ancestors, but look on our lives instead and we will remember the power of that name. We will give you praise for the rest of our lives. We will come to you in the best of times and we will come to you in the worst of times, but we will remember the things that we have done and we will hope for the forgiveness of your power. Today, we are in denial, but tomorrow, we shall not be and we will be changed forever. We shall walk with you forever.
45: Finding Wisdom
Listen to these commandments of life! How is it that you turn your homeland into something that is unfamiliar to you? They will be the ones that are counted among the dead. They are guilty of forsaking the fountain of wisdom. They cannot dwell in the place of peace. Learn where your virtues lie! That is the start of wisdom and understanding in the world! The virtues will give you the spiritual gifts. That is the most important treasure that you will gain in life. The people who embrace this truth will be the ones to help out other people without expecting any reward. They will go into the world and they will react to the world in the same way as the Christ did so long ago. They see the things of the world beyond what is there in the physical form. They see the world through a new set of eyes and they do not see the things of the physical. They know their path and they know that the path will bring them to the truth.
The dwelling place of wisdom is everywhere and manifests itself in all people and all situations to the individual seeking truth. They shall show the people the way. They will come to those who believe and they will allow the individual to see what they have been wronged by. The people of the world will all come to learn of this understanding by the grace of the divine in the divine plan. The path has not been hidden, but it means that we have to change ourselves to see the path as it is truly laid out. All the world will see the things of the heavens manifest before them. There is nothing greater on this earth than the divine and the divine plan! What can we do to be saved without the knowledge of the path and the understanding of the path in application.
Wisdom is the path to understanding the way to the light. Wisdom is at home among the people of the world. All of the people who cling to this truth will live, but those who don’t will surely die. Turn to the light and it will bring you great blessings throughout your life. The way of the truth is made known to the people who embrace the truth!

46: Trust in the Divine Plan
Take heed and remember why you are on this earth. You were handed to the world because it is a part of the plan of the divine. In order to understand the way of the truth, you have to see the way of the false. Look to the light! Look to the truth! Do not give your glory to another person! You shall know the true joy of the path to the light.
Hear the death of the earth and marvel at the great mourning of the world. We have seen what nations around the world have been reduced to. There are good times and there are bad times. All of the people of the world will go through these times and they will all be a part of the path to the truth. It will lead them to the light if they choose to hear and apply these teachings. The nations of the world will go against the good and the people dwelling there will experience some bad times. If they are strong and they see their way to the path to the truth, then they shall be set free and they shall come to know the path to the truth better. They will also better appreciate the bad times and they will thrive in adversity.
What can I do to help you? You must help and save yourself. You will be left desolate by all the people that are around you. You will be met with war. Take your courage and go into the bad times! You will suffer for a time, but it is only a temporary suffering in the world. You will have the good times come back to you again! It is all a part of the divine plan! You cannot do anything to escape it. You will be saved and you will come into joy from the disaster that came before you. You want to turn to the divine and you will not be disappointed. You will be taken through the muddy roads and you will enter into the valley of the shadow of death, but you will also make it out and you will be a stronger person as a result of it. You will be taken away, but you will also be given blessings that are better as a result of these experiences.
Take courage! You will be consoled. Even the people who hate you will come to you and support you. The city that saw and laughed at your destruction will also be the one to come to your aid. All of the cities that are wretched will come to realize that they are wrong! Their rejoicing will turn into mourning. Many days will come where the faith of entire nations will be tested! See the joy that comes with the law of the divine and the plan of the divine. They shall rejoice in the things that the plan of the divine brings. Take off the robes of misery that you carry with you. You will be reclothed in the glory of the divine because of the plan that you have come to accept. You will dwell with the divine in peace! Rise up and look out to the world! Look at all the things that the world has to offer! Look at the beauty of the world! You will be brought back into the grace of the divine through the acceptance of the plan and the path to the light. This is the mercy and the justice that has been administered to you! Remember what has been said here and you will be saved by the grace that has been freely provided to you.

47: The Warning to the Evil Ones
This is a letter that was sent from the exiled prophet to the people that had exiled him from the city that is in the wilderness:
The sins that have been committed will come back to bite you. All of the things that you have done will not go unnoticed. You listen to people who have not been given any power over you and you listen to them without fail. These things will come back to bite you also. You think that you are feared among all nations, but you really are not as high and mighty as you think you are in the world. All of these people are wrong! All of the kings are frauds! They have been seduced by the lies of the world and they speak nothing but lies. They have idols and things of the world that they worship instead of directing it to something that the divine will deserve. They spend all this time and money to get work done on the earth that will amount to nothing. The people of the world are seduced by people, events, and things of the world and they spend all of their time and energy on it. They do not look to the things of the earth that really matter to them. They will try to repay you and the divine, but they will fall. The things that they worship are as valuable as anything else on the earth. All of them and all of these things will pass away, but the truth will remain manifest forever. Most of the people of the world will perish in this way and on this day. There will be a few, however, who see the light and want to enact that light. They are the ones that will be saved. Do not forget the light, the divine plan, and the enactment of the light. It will bring you greater glory. These are the people that shall not be disgraced in the heavens. Your kings will not save you. You will have to be the one to save yourself. That is the warning and that is also the cure. All of the people of the earth will say that they are gods, but they do not act in the way of the divine. They do not help anyone on the earth but themselves and their own interests! They will go on and produce many things from the earth and they will attach value to it, but that will really value to nothing! The kings are taken to be gods! They are not gods! Remember what it truly means to be divine and remember that the kings and objects of the earth do not take on these characteristics. Do not fear the people or objects of the world, for they do not have power over you. How is it that people think that they are gods? We should remember that love is always greater than fear. Do not come into the world with fear, rather, come into the world with love.