The Book of Wisdom was written in 2011 at the beginning of the compilation of the text itself. Its author is probably a member of the religious community at the point of actually leaving and discovering spirituality. At times he speaks in the person of the wise sage, placing his teachings on the lips of the wise king of many traditions in order to emphasize their value. His profound knowledge of the earlier writings is reflected in almost every line of the book, and marks him, like the author of the Book of Knowledge, as an outstanding representative of religious devotion and learning among the sages of New Age spirituality.

The primary purpose of the author was the edification of his co-religionists in a time when they had experienced suffering and oppression, in part at least at the hands of those who tried to keep him within religious traditions. To convey his message he made use of the most popular religious themes of his time, namely the splendor and worth of divine wisdom, the glorious events of the exodus from religious traditions, mercy, the folly of idolatry, and the manner in which divine justice operates in rewarding or punishing the individual. The first ten chapters in particular provide background for the teachings of the Christs and for some of the theology about the Christ.



  1. Love righteousness, you who judge the earth.

  2. Seek wisdom in the integrity of your heart.

  3. Wisdom is found by those who seek it and manifests itself to those who believe it.

  4. Other things will separate people from wisdom.

  5. A soul that seeks to cause harm will not see wisdom.

  6. Discipline will come to those who seek to do evil.

  7. Wisdom is good but will only come to those who are willing to accept it.

  8. The spirit of wisdom embraces the world.

  9. Those who do wicked things to others will not forget them and will haunt them in their lives.

  10. Wicked things and people will be scrutinized.

  11. Their deeds will reach to all others.

  12. Jealousy will lead to wickedness.

  13. Wickedness will destroy the soul.

  14. Do not cause death and destruction.

  15. Humanity causes death and does not rejoice in the living.

  16. All beings have the right to life.

  17. Righteousness is undying.

  18. The wicked invited death.

  19. They deserve to be affiliated with it.


  1. Brief and troubled is our lifetime.

  2. There is no remedy for the dying.

  3. We are not here by chance and we shall return to a higher state at death.

  4. Our bodies will turn to ashes and contribute to the cycle of life.

  5. Our names will never be forgotten and we shall live on in our posterity.

  6. Our life is short, so we must take advantage of the time we do have.

  7. Enjoy the good things in life and the important things in life.

  8. Let us enjoy the riches we gain.

  9. Crown your lives with those you love.

  10. You will leave your legacy on earth.

  11. Do not oppress those who are under you.

  12. Let your strength be your righteousness.

  13. Let us wait for the righteous one.

  14. You shall not listen to those who lead you astray.

  15. They will ask us not to question and place us in a bubble.

  16. Their lives will not be like ours.

  17. They will judge all that they see as impure without looking any further.

  18. The end will determine if they are right.

  19. The righteous ones will get to the light faster.

  20. Violence and torture will not put anyone to the test.

  21. We will condemn them with shame.

  22. We will use their words against them.

  23. Their thoughts were full of error and their ways blinded them.

  24. They did not know true wisdom which would have led them to happiness.

  25. We were formed by our own nature.

  26. Death and suffering are in the world, and you shall experience it no more.


  1. These souls are just at the hand of the creator and they will not be tormented.

  2. Their passing away was the cause of their affliction.

  3. Their leaving was their own destruction.

  4. Their hope is full of immorality.

  5. They shall be worthy after they are tested.

  6. In the time of judgment, they shall be ready.

  7. These people shall judge others based on their deeds.

  8. Those who trust in the path shall know of the truth.

  9. They will be full of grace and understanding.


  1. The one who is without posterity shall have the right to seek truth.

  2. They shall have no wicked thoughts.

  3. Their heritage shall be in the temple.

  4. The fruits of the struggle are the glorious one.

  5. The unlawful will disappear.

  6. They shall attain long life, but it will be miserable.

  7. They should die and they should not see hope and walk the earth forever.

  8. They will be there until the end of the wicked generation.


  1. Virtue is the memory of those who are immortal.

  2. It is imitated long after it has gone.

  3. Forever it is honored in triumph.

  4. The wicked shall not avail to you and you will not be stricken.

  5. For wickedness shall come and stay, but it will eventually blow away.

  6. They will be fit for nothing and they will give up their ways.

  7. Children born to lawless families, show the way the family is.


  1. The ones who die early shall be at rest.

  2. The honorable are not measured by how many years they have left.

  3. Understanding comes out of living to be old.

  4. The one with the seventh gift is loved.

  5. They are snatched from life and go on to live forever in the heavens.

  6. The pride and deceit fog that which is true.

  7. They shall be perfect in their lives and reach their fullness.

  8. The soul is pleasing was spread out of the wickedness of the world.

  9. The righteous ones will die and the wicked shall live after this life.

  10. They will see the death of the righteous and not understand why.

  11. They will see and understand.

  12. They will then die and not leave a good legacy for themselves.

  13. Their legacy will be laid to waste for they did not understand.

  14. Their lawless in nature will not be out of their minds, and they shall walk the earth forever.


  1. The righteous one shall comfort the judgmental and teach them of their wrongs.

  2. The wicked shall be feared and amazed.

  3. They shall see the wisdom of the one who follows the middle of the path to the light.

  4. They shall see their foolish ways and come to the middle.

  5. The man is among the heavenly beings and has seen the light.

  6. We have strayed from the truth, and the truth will make us free.

  7. We were in the tangle of ruin, and the covenant we followed was nullified.

  8. We were prideful and boastful.

  9. The world passed us by as we condemned it.

  10. We are not to make a dent on the earth.

  11. We shall leave no evidence behind, but the earth will come and pass by day by day or we will miss the mark because we had nothing right.

  12. Once reborn, we had since died and are in need of a new beginning.

  13. We shall not be remembered for our works.

  14. The one who sees the light will live forever.

  15. They will receive a crown and rule over the earth with the others who have seen the light.

  16. We shall be as armor in their glory.

  17. We shall be judged for our works and not praised for them.

  18. The universe has warred against us for our works.

  19. We shall go forth and seek the new light.

  20. We shall be judged ourselves but we will be kept on by the promise promised to us.

  21. We will be confronted and condemned, but we shall go on our own and spread our wings.


  1. Hear and understand leaders of the world.

  2. Listen to the words of the creator through the power of the mediator.

  3. You have been entrusted with leading others; therefore, you should act like a real leader would.

  4. You shall not judge others and you shall not walk away from your goals.

  5. The people shall come against you and overthrow you.

  6. The rulers shall be put to the test.

  7. The ruler does not fear greatness, for the ruler shall be quickly humbled and put them in their place.

  8. Those in powers in corruption shall be put to the ultimate test and lose.

  9. I am to address you so you shall not succumb to these things.

  10. You have been chosen and you shall lead people with respect and honor to those who put you in their trust to rule.

  11. For those who have been found worthy are in power at the moment.

  12. Long for these words and be instructed.

  13. Seek wisdom in ruling through people who have once ruled.

  14. Wisdom will come to you.

  15. The one who seeks it will not be disappointed.

  16. The one who puts heart into it will find wisdom.

  17. Wisdom will find you if you keep your mind open.

  18. The first step to wisdom is a desire to be disciplined.

  19. To be self-disciplined is to seek the fullness of wisdom.

  20. To be incorrupt is to be closer to wisdom.

  21. Wisdom leads to the light.

  22. Honor wisdom as leaders and you shall reign in peace and harmony.


  1. All mortals are the same as all of you.

  2. I was born of the flesh and I shall die like you shall die.

  3. I was born of the seed of man and the egg of woman.

  4. And I also breathed in air that you breathe.

  5. I was nurtured like you are nurtured.

  6. No person has any different origin or birth.

  7. They all live the same life you do they will die a saint.

  8. This is what you do.

  9. I asked the spirit of wisdom to come to me.

  10. The riches of the world are nothing in comparison to the wisdom.

  11. I loved wisdom beyond everything in the world.

  12. Good things come out of learning wisdom.

  13. Wisdom is the leader of all that is righteous.


  1. I learned of wisdom, and the riches are not hidden away.

  2. All those who gain the treasures shall gain the treasure of the creator.

  3. The value of wisdom is beyond worth.

  4. The guide of wisdom is the director of the lies.

  5. All of the virtues of the world are in wisdom.

  6. Wisdom gives you the knowledge of what exists and of all matter.

  7. The beginning and the end of time will never take away the timelessness of wisdom.

  8. Everything of the world comes from the wisdom of the world.

  9. Nothing that wisdom provides remains hidden from humanity forever.


  1. The spirit of wisdom is the greatest treasure of all mankind and contained all the gifts of the spirit.

  2. The spirit of wisdom has all the characteristics of a beautiful woman.

  3. We shall all treat wisdom with the respect that wisdom deserves.

  4. Wisdom penetrates all things humanity desires.

  5. Wisdom comes from the glory of the Creator, who created the heavens and the earth and the laws of the universe.

  6. Wisdom is a reflection of the eternal light and the image of goodness.

  7. Wisdom can achieve all things and can renew everything.

  8. Although people come from age to age, wisdom remains forever.

  9. Wisdom is fair and surpasses everything that we could ever hope to know.

  10. Those things conquer one another, wisdom conquers all.


  1. Wisdom spans the world and governs all things.

  2. I love the ends sought wisdom from my youth.

  3. Wisdom is the nobility established by the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

  4. Wisdom leads to the understanding of the world and the entrance to the light.

  5. Everyone in the world will be better if wisdom prevails.

  6. Wisdom teaches of all things and all things right comes from the use of wisdom.

  7. Wisdom comes from experience and knowledge, therefore, the older you are, the more wisdom you shall gain in life.


  1. Wisdom is like a treasure that you should keep by your side forever.

  2. Wisdom is your comfort and your counselor.

  3. It is greater than all the elders and scribes of the earth.

  4. You shall look to wisdom for all things.

  5. Wisdom waits patiently for you to speak and then wisdom provides the answer of righteousness.

  6. Wisdom will give you immortality through your legacy through all generations after you.

  7. All will bow to the glory of wisdom.

  8. With wisdom, you will not live in sorrow and grief, but in joy and gladness.


  1. Reflect on these things and consider in your mind in your hearts the immortality of wisdom.

  2. Love wisdom and use the unfailing knowledge to make your life better and to make the lives of those around you better.

  3. Seek wisdom out past wisdom on.

  4. Being noble and enlightened brings a body and spirit like you never thought you had.

  5. This I say from inspiration of the Creator of the heavens and the earth with all my heart and soul.


  1. The Creator made everything in the universe.

  2. The wisdom that comes from the Spirit of the creator establishes mankind and rules over mankind.

  3. You govern all the laws of the universe and you render the judgment of all people based on their treatment of themselves and others while on earth.

  4. Give me the wisdom to go into the light and to be with you in your state of being.

  5. For I am a mere mortal and I will die.

  6. There is no such thing as a perfect mortal but they mortal with wisdom and is a mortal worth looking to.

  7. You have chosen leaders over the people.

  8. There shall be a sealing covenant established in the new temple.

  9. Wisdom is with you and it has the ability to conquer all the suffering of the world.

  10. Send forth the sealing covenant and then give humanity the means to attain wisdom.

  11. For wisdom understands all things and has the power to do what you desire.

  12. My deeds are acceptable because I know I am not worthy.

  13. Through your counsel I am able to cast judgments to those who harm others.

  14. Mortals are imperfect, but wisdom is perfect.

  15. The corrupt nature of man burdens their souls and their mind is concerned with the simple things in life.

  16. The things on earth are nothing compared to the things we will learn in the heaven and in the light.

  17. Your wisdom comes from your spirit which has come down from the heavens to the earth.

  18. The path to the light is straight and broad, and the wisdom that is the middle of that light.


  1. Wisdom is preserved for all ages from the beginning to the end.

  2. The unrighteous withdrew from wisdom and perish through their own iniquities.

  3. Wisdom saves mankind from its own destruction.

  4. Nations will perish because they are not righteous and do not possess wisdom.

  5. Wisdom rescues those who are righteous from the wicked that will be destroyed.

  6. One who testifies of wickedness will never survive through the suffering of the world.

  7. Those who have forsaken wisdom were not only deprived of the knowledge of good, but succumb to the suffering of the earth.

  8. Wisdom rescues those who seek it from tribulations.

  9. The wise ones shall leave the foolish ones to the light by guiding them in the right way.

  10. They shall in give them a knowledge from which they can form wisdom.

  11. Wisdom enriches those who ask and seek it.

  12. The seventh gift is the attainment of wisdom.

  13. Wisdom rescues people from suffering.

  14. Wisdom went down to the earth with the wise people, but then brought those people back up to a greater stage of life.

  15. The people who possess wisdom will be safe from the nation that oppresses them.

  16. Wisdom enters the soul and withstood all worldly suffering.

  17. Wisdom blesses those who have it.

  18. Wisdom takes people where they have never gone before.

  19. Wisdom overwhelms the enemies.

  20. The righteous are better than the wicked because of the gift of wisdom.

  21. Wisdom opens the mouth of the one who produces the greatest works of all.


  1. They journeyed through the darkness and spent a lot of time in that darkness.

  2. They have withstood their enemies and taken hold of their posts.

  3. They suffered greatly of the world but they have overcome.

  4. Their foes were punished and they were blessed.


  1. A river is filled with blood.

  2. With the slaying of many horrible people proves to the world that you can overcome your adversary.

  3. They have tried to be like you are but they do not possess the gifts that you have.

  4. You tested yourself and they tested you.

  5. They affected many others who also suffered.

  6. People are the cause of their own torments.

  7. Those who mock you and reject you and cast you out will marvel at you in the future.


  1. Those who claim to worship something that is true and tell you that you are wrong are wrong.

  2. They are forced to do what they have to do by fear and by sheer obedience.

  3. They say terrible things to you but they know not what they are judging.

  4. Even without them, you can still fall into the temptations of the world, but you have risen above them yet again.

  5. For wisdom is always with you and they cannot overcome you with lies.

  6. Before the universe was created, the creator set forth the laws of the universe.

  7. You love all things and you do not judge those who judge you because they do not know they are judging.

  8. And you shall preserve your wisdom and you shall teach them of the wisdom that you have learned.

  9. Spare all people because they are humans and they have false concepts, but that does not mean that they cannot be in the light one day.


  1. Rebuke those who offend you, and cast them aside with their judgment and damnation towards you.

  2. They truly believe what they are saying, and they shall condemn you for not believe what they believe.

  3. They believe in something that murderers and in something that is very judgmental of all humanity.

  4. They engage in ritual and sacrifice and in prayer for no purpose.

  5. They will be destroyed by your hands and your wisdom.

  6. They are dear to you and they are deserving of your wisdom.

  7. Hopefully, they come and learn from you and examine their own beliefs.

  8. Now that you have vanquished the wicked with your righteousness, you shall start them on the process of ridding their lives of suffering.

  9. By giving them an opportunity, they shall seek forgiveness and you shall give it to them.

  10. Because they were born into fear, and you will teach them that not all is fearful in this world.

  11. Those who challenge you are also unrighteous.

  12. They will confront you at every possible moment.

  13. But you are righteous and have wisdom, and you judge all things rightfully.

  14. You are the source of righteousness, and you will be lenient to all people who judge you.

  15. You show your might when your wisdom comes for you.

  16. You are a master of lights and you govern them with lenience.

  17. You tie your people that those who are righteous are kind and they should be filled with hope.

  18. These were your enemies and they were doomed to death, but you tell them that death should not be feared.

  19. With those actions you judge your children by, you judge your enemies by.

  20. Therefore you shall give all people a lesson on what it means to be good.


  1. The unrighteous who live the life of judgment towards those who tormented you, are far in the path of error.

  2. They think they are worthless and disgusting and are like little infants who have to follow a master.

  3. They are unreasoning and they will judge you as a mockery.

  4. They suffered distress because they worship something they believed to be God.

  5. They realize that the creator of the universe is not the one in who is going to judge you; rather, it is you who eventually casts your own judgments.


  1. The ones who worship nature do not worship that which created nature and from studying the works of the creator of that nature.

  2. Instead of the glory that created that nature they worship the nature itself.

  3. The original source of the beauty of nature came from that which created nature and it is far more glorious.

  4. If they were struck by their might and energy, then they shall realize how much more powerful the thing that created nature is over nature itself.

  5. The original author of the nature and the beauty of nature are seen.

  6. They seek the creator and wish to find the creator but they’ve gone astray through the worship of nature.

  7. They searched busily among the works but are distracted by what they see.

  8. This, though, is pardonable.

  9. If they succeeded in the knowledge of the creator, they should find the wisdom through nature.


  1. Of those who worship things made by human hands is wretched.

  2. Because the things do not give you any power or nature any power, but it is a representation and representations are not worshipped.


  1. Someone may skillfully fashion objects for daily use.

  2. The scraps from this work will also be useful.

  3. The refuse from these remnants has no use in the life of those who created the object.

  4. The object then is a product of mindless skill and patterns it based on what other human beings have done.

  5. Those who are not skilled will waste a lot of things in their lives.

  6. They will worship the objects which they have created for themselves.

  7. For you can pray to anything or anyone but never received an answer or help without any work from your part.

  8. The aid of the object is useless because it cannot even walk.

  9. Objects are used in worship for the benefits of those who created the object, and not those who by the object for themselves.


  1. One preparing for the journey an about face trials in their lives cries out to someone who can help them through this.

  2. The urge of their desires will produce wisdom for them.

  3. But they still want to be guided and they still want to have it all laid out for them and they still want to be a steady path.

  4. They may work without any skills whatsoever for they think that they will be helped along the way.

  5. People trust their lives even to the most useless things and they think they will be safe.

  6. Their hope in the universe is upon those they call out to.

  7. They want to be guided through everything in their lives and have everything handed to them.

  8. They may have produced a good life for them but they turned certain things gods which should not be.

  9. They may have also done evil deeds in their lives which will make their journey more difficult.

  10. A judgment shall come upon them and they shall be snared and all of their skills and hope will be useless.

  11. They shall face temptations alone and without help from anyone else.


  1. The corruption of life is the worship of idols and objects.

  2. In the beginning they did not exist and they will not continue.

  3. They came into the world with human suffering and all of the sudden these things are devised.

  4. For someone who is insecure about their lives will make an image of a objects which they have losses and they will honor it because it is dead to them.

  5. Those things will be worshipped because they are afraid of losing things.

  6. They feel that they must make an object of that word yet the, but the object does not bring closure or peace to them.

  7. Idolatry is also stimulated by the desires of artisans.

  8. For they want to please their customers and labored over this likeness.

  9. And the masses are drawn by the workmanship and took it as an object of worship.

  10. This becomes a snare for the world because they are slaves either grief or tyranny.

  11. Then it was not enough for them to know the knowledge of the creator but they should live in a world of ignorance and they call such things peace.

  12. For they call sacrifices and worship to false gods and people see it as normal.

  13. They no longer respect lives were others and they kill each other for no reason whatsoever.

  14. And everything will be in confusion and all the vices will take world.

  15. The neglects of the goodness of life and all the disorders and shamelessness of the world come from the veneration or the worship of objects.

  16. The worship of idols is the reason and source of evil.

  17. They go mad with enjoyments or prophesy lies or live lawlessly or perjure themselves.

  18. Justice will overtake them because they will fall to their own vices.

  19. The might of those who swear to not worship false things and objects will never fall into the evil deeds of those who seek to do evil.


  1. The creator is true and wise and governs everything by deeds.

  2. For even if we do things that are bad, we can’t be forgiven and know that we have the power and the will to not do it anymore.

  3. For everything is done in complete righteousness and to know wisdom is the root of immortality.

  4. The evil creation of human vices does not deceive those who seek to conquer them.

  5. Those who yearn for worship of objects will long for that object forever and never come to know the true wisdom of all things.

  6. Lovers of evil things and those who follow those lovers are those who long for that which they worship and those who were never at complete piece.


  1. The one who creates the artwork is the judgment of their own works.

  2. They mold both good things and bad things in the representations thereof, but they live a fulfilling life no matter what they do.

  3. For the concern of the artists is that they are not going to be judged for their works they produce, but for the life they have lived on earth.

  4. His life is more important than his works.

  5. The ones who see the arts do not know the soul of the ones who make the art.

  6. Life is a game between good and evil, and you must always strive to do good even if your works are lustful.

  7. He knows that he does wrong sometimes but it is for the sake of his likelihood.

  8. The enemies in this case truly are the ones who are enslaved by the works.

  9. They are the ones who esteemed the idols and they are the ones who buy what the artist has produced.

  10. There was a human being, then they made them, but the one who bought them and used them is truly the one who is suffering.

  11. They are both moral and with the artist makes with the hands is not the same as the one who buys and uses the works.

  12. The ones for lustful are like the ones who worships the beasts and their stupidity is worse than the rest.

  13. For the beasts are not desirable because they escape the approval of goodness.


  1. Therefore they are punished by the lusts of their pasts.

  2. Instead of punishment they should conquer their desires and they should strive to live a better life always.

  3. So that others can follow them and that they can conquer their own lusts in life and come to know the joy of non-suffering.

  4. For together all of them can conquer their vices and come to know the true virtues of life and the conquering of those vices.

  5. For when their evil scheme upon them they were dying on the inside because their desires were affecting their lives.

  6. For a short time they were terrorized and they do not handed any hope for salvation from their weaknesses.

  7. The ones who turned around were saved not because of what they saw but because of what they realize.

  8. They convince others that what they are doing is the cause of their own suffering in life.

  9. For no remedy was found until they were aware of what they were doing and the punishments they were facing as a result.

  10. Mercy came forth and helped them and healed them.

  11. They were saved because they came to the realization that they were causing their own suffering.

  12. Nothing else cured them but their own intuitions and the light of wisdom.

  13. Therefore, every man has dominion over their life and they can choose to make life better or worse for themselves.

  14. Human beings may cause harm to one another but they cannot bring back that spirits and their soul will not be at rest.

  15. No one can escape the wrath of life and the world.


  1. The ones who are ignorant refuse to know the light and as a result were punished by the might of wisdom.

  2. Against all truth verifier became more active.

  3. The universe fights on behalf of the righteous.

  4. Their flame will be tempered so that their wickedness might not come to destroy others but they will be struck by the judgment of all people.

  5. And again, some will even fight through wisdom to consume all those they think are wicked.

  6. The nourishment of wisdom comes from the heavens of themselves and they are a delight in the blessing for everyone who receives wisdom.

  7. The substance of wisdom serves the desires for everyone who receives it.

  8. For some people whose fire burns in ignorance will withstand the rain and the snows of wisdom, but they will not survive.

  9. Before you go, some people need the fire in order for the wise ones to know of their strength.

  10. For wisdom which the Almighty Creator has made grows from the punishment of the wicked but also gives the wise relaxed feelings.

  11. Therefore people will be transformed from wisdom and the all nourishing bounty which is individualized to the needs of those who receive it.

  12. The people who received wisdom will learn that it is not the things of the world that nourish the heart truly but the vices that cause them to realize what the world truly is.

  13. For what is not destroyed by the fire of the wicked is merely warmed by the light.

  14. The ones who nourish in wisdom will give thanks for the wisdom and will come at to the fullness of that wisdom in the light.

  15. The pit of the wicked melts eventually and runs off in his uselessness.


  1. The unruly souls long ago led us astray from the light of wisdom.

  2. When the lawless thought to enslave entire nation in the darkness and come beneath their own roofs as exiles from the light.

  3. Before they lose, suppose that they knew of the light, but they were under a dark veil and were scattered in fear and terrified by the second coming.

  4. For not even the highest leaders were unafraid from the gods and the demons and they were terrified of everything that was going into the world.

  5. Their fire had forced the light away and their futures were gloomy because they made it that way.

  6. Some only had intermittent fires, but they were terrified of what they saw in those fires and there were times when they thought all hope was lost.

  7. And their hopeless prayers and deeds were unanswered and they were humiliated by the ones who had the wisdom.

  8. For they tried to banish the fears and terrors from their souls but their fears were cloaked in ridiculousness.

  9. For nothing framed them, but they created a mountain out of nothing more than a bump in the road.

  10. And they trembled and were reluctant to face their fears and they had nowhere to escape.

  11. Wickedness and its cowardly nature condemn itself because of an overly distressed conscience.

  12. Fear is nothing but the surrender of the help that comes to reason.

  13. The ones who are fearful are uncertain of their own expectations and they do not know what lies around the corner and it brings them conformant.

  14. So they seemed powerless and they think it comes from the recesses of the powerless while all people are sleeping the same sleep.

  15. They were smitten by imaginary apparitions and were stricken by the surrender of their souls and the fear that overwhelmed them suddenly and unexpectedly.

  16. Whoever was there, they became a prisoners of their souls and the works that bind them.

  17. For no matter who it is, everyone is taken and everyone serves a sentence in that prison.

  18. Everyone is bound as some point by the bonds of darkness and hope seems lost at that time for all people.

  19. They can only hear faint sounds of the world around them, but their souls are paralyzed in fear.

  20. Both whole world shines a brilliant light and continues to work in a cycle.

  21. But the one who is oppressed by an image of the darkness thinks about what is to come upon them, is alone in their own world.

  22. They are more of a burden to themselves than to others in the darkness.


  1. The world has a very great light and the light comes through wisdom of the world around them.

  2. The ones who are traps hear the voices of the light but do not see the light and they suffer for it.

  3. The ones who had been wrong and did not retaliate against them because of the forgiveness of all and moving on with lives of everyone.

  4. Instead of forgiving and moving on, some will furnish a fascinating pillar of grudges and their grudges will take away their entire honor.

  5. For they think that those who wronged them deserves the deprived by the light to imprison the by the darkness.

  6. They will keep you can find but you cannot keep yourself confined forever.


  1. When you finally leave the journey of imprisonment, you are like one who has survived a great peril.

  2. That night before, you thought there was no hope, but with faith in yourself and the faith in the world, you have the current age to get out of your prison and come back and see the world in the new light.

  3. The expectation of all is that they will come to know the truth of the world and the truth about themselves and become the means of their own salvation.

  4. For the same person who has punished you will no longer have any effect on you, for you will become a different person than when you win it.

  5. For you will find in yourself the goodness of your soul and of the divine intervention your soul received so that you can share in the same blessing as your ancestors.

  6. Your enemies will echo back to you and they will still scream the same scream, but their attacks will have no effect on your soul.

  7. And you will get the same retribution they had gone when you drove your soul to the darkness.

  8. All people are alike because of the reality of death and that even the most valued people in society will die.

  9. They did not believe you and they thought they could kill your soul, but they have acknowledgments of your part in every situation will bring you to the light through conquering and facing all of the fears and all the bad deeds you’ve done in life.

  10. For when you find peace your life will stand still and the evil will swiftly go by you without harming you.

  11. You will leap into the doomed world with a new perspective on the world.

  12. You will come out of fierce warrior and your weapon will be the weapon of new knowledge and wisdom and everywhere you go everyone will know of the wisdom you receives.

  13. Then all of the fears that used to assail you will pass by you.

  14. The ones who attack you are truly the ones that are dying on the side.

  15. The dreams that disturb you are now the dreams that disturbed them and that is the true power of retribution.

  16. Trials in life touch even the best people and their trials will only last if they let it last.

  17. For the wise person will hasten the process and they will know how to effectively get over the fears they have in life.

  18. They will overcome their fears were not by either body or their force but through their self-discipline and their knowledge of the world around that.

  19. For when somebody dies, they will follow every other person on earth, but they will truly have lives a life worth living.

  20. For the whole world is on their soul and the glory of their life is carved out through the body that they experience and the world they experience.

  21. The ones who destroyed them fear the ones that they had once mocked for their trials have sufficed them.


  1. The wrath assails the wicked until the end of their lives for they did not know what they were doing.

  2. Though they knew what they had agreed to and their false gods send them to do their will so that they would one day regret it and pursue the true knowledge.

  3. While they were mourning at the burials of the dead they adopted a plan to start revenge upon those who have wronged them.

  4. Compulsion appropriate to this day drew them on and made them forget a day when you were even pursuing that.

  5. Those people, both the ones who are pursuing in the ones being pursued, will experience a glorious journey with an extraordinary ending.

  6. For all people will make the journey and that journey will happen and for reasons no one can quite understand.

  7. Although they will face many trials and all hope will seem lost for them and they will come up against obstacles which they think they cannot conquer, everybody can conquer anything through their own willpower and knowledge.

  8. Through these obstacles, you can lead entire peoples through the trials you have faced.

  9. They will stand in awe at the trials you have faced and will praise you for your efforts and your conquering of all evil.

  10. They would still be mindful of why you went through your trials and why you chose to face them and suffer through them.

  11. They will see that what came out of those trials is a new person who was prompted by the desires to conquer their trials.

  12. Before they have seen a great person come out of a great trial and that was through a greater journey.

  13. The punishment came upon those who pursued them not by violence but by their own misdeeds because of the harm they have caused others.

  14. Those who helped that person conquer their trials will also be blessed.

  15. They were to receive no true punishments because they have helped along a stranger in a strange journey.

  16. They may be oppressed with their own journeys bots they will share with others what they have it.

  17. They may be struck with blindness, but they will come to seek the knowledge in order to see through the darkness and come to the light in their own journey.

  18. For the elements of the world and their harmony will produce something greater through the workings of each element to the other.

  19. Before the creatures also working hard to keep the cycles of life going.

  20. Opposing elements will maintain strength against the other, but will also let itself come through other elements to keep the harmony.

  21. For everything the world is glorified and harmonizes through a free time and circumstance in the cycles of the world.